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Trekking in Chianti: we love walking in wineyards

21 June 2018

Gentle hills with climbs and descents never too steep.

Scenarios modeled by the hand of man, offering to the eyes of the traveler the beauty of a nature made gentle by centuries of cultivation and care.

Villages and ancient castles to get excited at every step.

Chianti is an authentic paradise for trekking lovers and running enthusiasts, but also for those who like to walk slowly or prefer the bicycle.

Among all the scenarios, one in particular is peculiar of this area: the vineyards of one of the most famous wines in the world, which alternate with olive trees, Mediterranean scrub forests and flowered cereal fields.

Like the ancient pilgrims, but equipped with the latest model runner shoes, we also want to dedicate ourselves to travel these ancient roads, under a magical and changing sky.

From Greve

Among the itineraries that we like the most, the one staring from Greve and reaching Monte San Michele via Panzano.

A path that in about 6/7 hours leads to one of the highest peaks in the area (880 meters), where you will find a restaurant where you can stop and then go back downhill. For the detailed itinerary information (and to discover many more!) Click on this link.

Another easier yet pleasant excursion, always marked at the same link, starts from Greve leads to the beautiful medieval village of Montefioralle and then – if you wish to continue - up to Panzano, or alternatively, once arrived in Montefioralle, until beautiful parish church of San Cresci.

All of this will be a two and a half hours of trekking.

But the possible routes starting from Greve in Chianti are many: you can, for example, reach the famous Badia a Passignano with a total journey (round trip) rather demanding of five hours, or choose to reach the Castle of Uzzano on dirt roads immersed in oak woods.

If you do not fear a few more climbs, always on so-called "white" roads (not paved) you can reach in 5/6 hours (including the return) the remains of the panoramic Chapel of Monte Domini.

These are just some examples of the many itineraries selected by the Italian Guide Office regarding Chianti: you can consult this link to learn and discover more.

From Castellina

A consortium of Castellina, "I love Castellina in Chianti", has been active since 2012 proposing guided tours through the Castilian area.

Among the proposed routes, stands out the one called "The countryside of Castellina from the Etruscans to Mezzadria", which is dedicated in particular to the Sienese Chianti starting precisely from Castellina and reaching Montecalvario, known for its Etruscan tombs, and the river Arbia, also remembered by Dante Alighieri.

Other proposals are dedicated to the Val d'Elsa (with a nice walk in the wood of Sant'Agnese) and the roads leading to Siena, starting from the small town of Fonterutoli, land of fabulous wines. All the itineraries and info for booking excursions can be found on the Ecomuseochianti.org website at this link.

Finally, another couple of useful references for those who want to rely on expert guides to experience the experience of a Chianti trekking: the sites of Kilometroinverso.com and Trekking.it.

Eat and sleep

Whatever the chosen itinerary you choose, a day (or two) of walks through our hills is an excellent idea to spend a weekend: we are waiting for you at our Albergo del Chianti, which is located right in the central Piazza Matteotti in Greve and an ideal starting point for the most beautiful walks in the area.

On the way back, after a nice day spent walking (or running), it will certainly be pleasant to refresh in our Diversus restaurant, which has chosen to offer original and high quality menus, mainly - a unique case in the territory - based on fish. Because we like walking very much, but taste also wants its part!

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