Diversus: our food-wine combinations - 30/6/2017

"Diversus" is the first restaurant specializing in seafood cuisine in Chianti. This choice, perhaps a little straightforward but unique, requires attention to the quality of ingredients and originality. Our menu changes on a weekly basis but always with a special feature: our trusted experts recommend a specific wine for each dish.

The idea behind this choice is to not leave to chance any part of the tasting experience that you can have here in "Diversus "

Spotlight on white wine!

The choice of privileging fish based recipes has led us to another small "heresy", here in Chianti: giving much more space to white wines.

In so doing, we chose not to be parochial.

As a matter of fact, while it is true that a Tuscan 2016 Vernaccia of San Gimignano DOCG Panizzi can harmoniously match with a classic flavor such as our exquisite spaghetti with veracious clams,with more structured dishes like our  yellowtail fillet fished in the Mediterranean Sea accompanied by a tasty vinaigrette with vegetables we propose an Austrian wine: the 2015 "Ried Steinriegl" Wolmuth, a wonderful sauvignon blanc and its unmistakable flavor of tomato leaf and freshly cut grass.

From north to south, each dish has its wine

Northern Italy is well represented, with a 2015 pinot grigio Friulano , the "Villa di Puppi" to match with the marvelous red shrimp and our tuna tartare and a young red from Veneto, the 2016 pinot noir by Gianni Tessari, an ideal match for our beef carpaccio.

A joyful Falanghina from the Tenuta Giuliano winery in Abruzzo, is our choice for an extraordinary dish such as the spaghetti with lobster.

An international wine selection: from Chianti to the rest of the world!

Every rule has its own exceptions: at least for one recipe His Majesty the Chianti cannot miss. On this week's menu, we combine the piglet's fillet with a consistent 2015 Chianti Classico DOCG : " I Lucciconi" delle Muricce.

Like the menu, the food - wine combination proposal also changes: we will travel through Italy from North to South, paying frequent visits to Austria, France and even further: our wine list also includes precious names from recent and increasingly prestigious territories such as Chile and South Africa. A unique and international wine selection, original and, as we like it ...Diversus!

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