Around 2016, the stage of Chianti will make selection pink
Presented at the Pinarello store in London the Chianti Classico Stage, the ninth fraction time trial that does not have a meter of flat stretches: the final winner, after this stage, it can no longer hide
It is a trial without a meter of plain that in all probability will select the potential winners of the Tour 2016. It is the "Chianti Classico Stage", presented today in London at the Pinarello store with Fausto Pinarello, president of the company of bicycle manufacturing for many years sponsors of the Tour. It will be the ninth stage of the Giro, scheduled 6 to 29 May 2016, and will be held Sunday, May 15 departing from Radda in Chianti and arriving in Greve in Chianti.
CELEBRATION - Cyclists engaged in an effort of nearly 50 minutes will face uphill, even of high slope, and you need to push down on the pedals, especially the ending. The stage will also be a celebration of the area manufacturer of Italian excellence, Chianti, one of the most appreciated Italian wines worldwide. Exported to over 60 countries and is distributed particularly in Italy (18%), the US (31%), Germany (12%), Canada (10%) and the UK (5%). The annual production is about 35 million bottles.
TERRITORY ONLY - Mauro Vegni, director of the Tour of Italy: "This will be one of the most spectacular stages of the Giro in 2016 and from the point of view and from the technical and sporting landscape. An individual time trial of 40 kilometers, without a meter of plain and almost halfway, will outline the favorites for the final victory. I would also like to point out the scenario that we will propose to the world through television images unique, as unique is the Chianti Classico hosting this wonderful stage ".

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