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Tuscany according to others (part 1)

26 November 2018

We came across a very interesting article, and we decided to summarize it here. This is a text published on the English site of the famous Rough Guide, one of the most authoritative tourist guides in the world, which introduces the 15 activities not to be missed during a trip to Tuscany.

We were curious to find out what they are, according to foreign tourists and editors of the guide, because it is always very interesting to look ath world with another pair of eyes.

So, although we are very perplexed for the lack of Siena and not only, here (divided into two episodes) the "top 15" for travelers in Tuscany: we offer it especially to our Tuscan readers as a starting point for a "tourist" holiday between the beauties of our land, which sometimes we tend to take for granted.

1. Taste the truffles of San Miniato

San Minato di Pisa is a small, delightful village between Pisa and Florence, known above all for its white truffle. This delicacy is at the center of a great annual festival, but it is possible to appreciate it all year round.

2. Take an excursion to Cortona

A while ago, thanks to a movie (Under The Tuscan Sun), Cortona became the most visited Italian destination by American tourists after Venice. Its narrow streets, its ancient historic center and the glimpses of the Trasimeno make it an unmissable visit, with the added bonus of being all but besieged by visitors.

3. Explore the Uccellina Park

One of the few stretches of Italian coastline left in the "state of nature". This part of the Tuscan Maremma has been for centuries a forgotten land, land of brigands and malaria, where they were sent into exile. Today it is a natural wonder that has remained intact, which is definitely worth a trip.

4. Go on a pilgrimage to La Verna

Splendid Franciscan monastery on top of a mountain, immersed in an extraordinary landscape. La Verna is the main pilgrimage destination in Tuscany. To find the spirit of the ancient monks in silence.

5. To get lost in the Uffizi

The huge Florentine museum contains the largest collection of Italian art and the largest in the world for the Italian Renaissance. Overflowing with masterpieces, it is a place to wander without the ambition of being able to see it all at once. Consider at least half a day to take a look at the main works at least.

6. Take a walk on the Apuan Alps.

Famous for its marble quarries, the Apuane are a unique natural paradise in the world. Large chestnut forests, hundreds of different species of plants and flowers, 300 types of birds to watch for birdwatchers and a fascinating and mysterious cave, the "Cave of the Wind", will make this area wild and rugged a non plus ultra of your trip.

7. Admire the masterpieces of Piero della Francesca in Arezzo

Among all the works of the Renaissance that you can admire in every part of the region, perhaps the Aretine frescoes by Piero della Francesca are the most valuable of all. You find them in the choir of the Church of San Francesco di Arezzo, and they are worth the trip.

8. Wander the streets of San Gimignano

Fifteen medieval towers make unique the spectacular profile with which San Gimignano welcomes the visitor on his arrival. Medieval country preserved magnificently, remained intact over the centuries, should be visited off-season: the crowds of tourists of the summer weekends risk to ruin the charm.

If you are looking for a point, right in the heart of Tuscany, to be used as a base for your tour of the region, Chianti is certainly the best choice!
After spending the day hunting for the hidden treasures of Tuscany, return in the evening ready to enjoy one of the most beautiful scenery in Italy and book now at the Albergo del Chianti, right in the center of the splendid Piazza Matteotti in Greve.

A good glass of wine and a special menu at our Diversus restaurant will be the perfect highlight of your sensory experience. We are waiting for you!

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